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Henrietta & Larry compete at British Eventing and British Dressage and are aiming at Badminton Grassroots next year. 


Their story:


"I bought him as a very very green 5 year old, with his first set of back shoes and he could hardly canter a 20m circle. He was shall we say quirky(!)  and definitely went through a teenage and arguing phase! He was very spooky and insecure to start so I went to loads of unaffiliated dressage as it was quiet and low key. This helped him deal with others in the warm up, coming towards him etc as initially he used to completely freeze with fear. Doing this is when we discovered that he can be quite competitive! 


So I have now had him for 6 years and he is now competing at Elementary, he went to the Petplans last year and hopefully will do this year too. At the moment I would like to consolidate his flatwork at this level, however at home we are working on some of the Advanced Medium movements to help keep it interesting. Laura Ferrier of Demanio Dressage has helped me/him from the start and she came to see him with me before I bought him. She has been instrumental in our progress and a huge mentor and help to us both over the last 6 years!


Larry has always loved cuddles and being groomed/bathed/pampered and now adores his massages as you know! I think the massages have certainly helped him loosen up and become more supple - likewise me too and I really like the way that you work on us both. It is very helpful and interesting and has certainly made me much more aware of both of our strengths and weaknesses as well as us as a partnership.  Since receiving treatments with Emma he has become much more confident in the medium strides as he is happier to use/extend his shoulders. 


Eventing - the ultimate aim is the Badminton Grassroots Championship, he has 2 Regional Final qualifications this year which we will do later this summer/Autumn. I would need to be in the top 20% of the section to qualify and the standard at these is very high so who knows!


Me:  Married with 3 children, always ridden but only hunted latterly and suddenly had a midlife crisis and thought its now or never when my eldest, initially very keen, daughter stopped riding.  Rode my first dressage test in about 30 years, loved it, started eventing and here we are!!"


Photo Courtesy of Jayphotos.co.uk




Alicia & Dante compete in British Dressage and have just started competing at Grand Prix.

"I first started taking dressage seriously about 12 yeas ago when I bought Dante! He was a lot more talented than I realised but not at all easy and there have been lots of bumps along the way! However we were very successful in young horse classes then we were chosen to be part of the World Class Squad 2009/2010 which was the most amazing opportunity. I have trained him up myself and we're now competing Inter 2 and training GP at home with the aim of competing GP by the end of 2018. We recently won the Inter 2 Area Festival at Widmer so are qualified for the Championships at Hartpury in April. 


I have another super young horse, rising 7 year old Armada Donna Bella who I bought in Germany as a 4 year old. We were Novice Gold Reserve Champion at the Nationals 2017 and Reserve Champion Novice Silver Freestyle at the Winter Champs 2017 as well. This year we're competing Elementary, training at Medium and we also plan to do embryo transfer with her, having chosen Quantensprung as a suitable husband! She's a total diva and you have to ride her in a particular way-definitely a case of ask don't tell!! Both horses are fabulous to train and we have some lovely youngsters to bring on too which is really exciting. We aim to breed a lot more in the future and our dream is to breed something that Lily could ultimately train up to GP. A long road but definitely something I would like to make happen!"


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Lily & Darcy compete in British Dressage.

"Darcy is a 6yr black gelding currently competing at Medium. I have owned him since December 2018 and together we have competed at the Winter Regionals, Novice and Elementary with placings in the top 8 and in August 2019 we competed at Bury Farm HP taking the win in our section and 3rd overall with 70.2% in the Medium 73. We hope to do our first Advanced Medium this year and Campaign for Juniors end of 2020! I hope to take him all the way up to Grand Prix but we will see how things go."

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Laura with Stitch, Easy & Frank competes in British Eventing and is currently aiming for Badminton Grassroots, with the ultimate goal of successfully completing a 2* event within the next few years.


"I would describe myself as an ambitious amateur. I love the sport of eventing because of the challenge it provides, and the accomplishment of performing at your best with your horse in all 3 phases on the same day! Eventing is very much based on a great partnership and I am thoroughly enjoying the journey of training and competing with my lovely team of horses – ‘Stitch, Easy and Frank’ – all chestnuts.


I am delighted to be sponsored by Emma at CMT. She is a key member of ‘Empowered Eventing’ and treats both the horses and me regularly and we can all feel the difference after!"