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Equine Sports Massage

Equine clients can vary from the competition horse through to the happy hacker and family pony. All horses and ponies will benefit from regular treatments. Whether it be a maintenance, rehabilitation, to improve performance or just a well deserved treat.

Unlike humans, horses cannot point to where it hurts, instead they try to tell us through their behaviour.  

Potential Symptoms

  • Reluctance to go forward

  • Shortness of stride

  • Irregular gait

  • Reduced performance

  • Asymmetric muscle development

  • Lameness caused by Overuse / Strain / Sprain / Fatigue   

  • Disunited in canter

  • Extreme behaviours - Bucking, Bolting, Rushing fences,Rearing 

  • Reluctance to engage hindquarters  

  • Restricted range of movement 

  • General stiffness 


However these symptoms are generic and every horse is different. Some will not show any symptoms what so ever and should be checked on a regular basis.



What to Expect

On the initial visit we will begin with a consultation of your horse's history, including when your horse was last visited by the Farrier, Saddler, Dentist, any previous injuries, Illnesses or Behavioural Issues. There will be a static and dynamic assessment including the horse being walked and trotted up and possibly

being lunged or ridden if needed.

During the treatment a range of techniques will be used to encourage relaxation through areas of tension to allow your horse a greater level of comfort which will aid performance and biomechanical efficiency. 

After the treatment we will discuss an after care plan which may include stretches, mobilisations and exercises to help your horse get the most from their treatment.

Horse & Rider

As a rider it is important to ensure that both you and your horse are in harmony to achieve your goals and prevent discomfort, by either horse or rider being out of sync with the other. It is common that if one of the partnership, is tight or restricted in any way, it will reflect on the other. This is why I provide horse and rider treatments where I can asses you to establish a treatment plan for you both.

Equine appointments can only be booked directly due to travelling, please get in touch to book.

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