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Sports Massage

The human body has approximately 640 skeletal muscles, its no wonder we sometimes need a little help!


Sports Massage can help with some of the following - 


  • Improving everyday aches, pains and niggles

  • Improving your general and functional wellbeing

  • Returning to an active lifestyle be it the gym, hobbies or sports

  • Returning from injury or surgery

  • Improving sporting perfomance

  • Reduce risk of further injury

  • Calming an overactive parasympathetic nervous system

  • Reduction of cortisol - stress hormones

  • Increased energy levels and mental alertness

  • Stimulation of the lymphatic system

  • Help improve sleep patterns

What To Expect 

On the initial consultation we will go through your medical history to ensure that any medical conditions are treated accordingly. There are some instances for when treatment may not be suitable and you may be referred to another health professional in order to prioritise your health. 

Many people assume a sports massage to be very painful, this should not be the case. Some discomfort may be felt with a few soft tissue techniques, you will always be in complete control and we will ensure that the treatment stays within your comfort levels. Please do let your therapist know if you are in pain as they will want to know.   

You may experience a few of the symptoms below after a treatment, however everyone one is different. Clients may experience some of the following;


  • Soreness/stiffness

  • Emotional response 

  • Severe tiredness

  • Slight bruising/aching muscles

  • Headaches

  • Excessive urination/bowel movements

  • Increased thirst


All of the above are a perfectly normal and healthy response to treatment. If possible try to have an easy hour afterwards and keep hydrated.

What To Wear

Please wear something you can move in and that you are comfortable in. 



There is plenty of free and easy access parking at the clinic. 

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